Top 10 Best Double Sink Vanities Reviews In 2023

Looking for a bathroom or kitchen sink can be a challenging task, especially if you do not have experience in interior décor. You have numerous choices, some of which do not meet the quality and the standards you intend to have, and you may end up being frustrated. But double-sink vanities are the best choice to finish your interior décor for your kitchen or your bathroom.

Using the double sink vanities, you have multiple choices depending on your space because they are different sizes, as well as various shapes. Also, they make these products with different materials to offer you a wide range of choices. They come in different colors that fit your preference. The cabinet as well comes in different sizes, and the mirror also comes in different sizes. Some you can self-assemble while others you will need help while assembling. All weigh differently depending on several factors, such as the material used to make and the size of the sink and cabinet. Different companies make different varieties of double-sink vanities, as we are going to see below.  We are going to sample different types of double-sink vanities based on their main features as well as other specifications.

10. 60″ Black Bathroom Double Sink Vanities, Round Glass Vessel Basin Sink, ORB Faucet, Drain Parts

Black Bathroom Double Sink Vanity
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It measures approximately 24 x 20 x 32 inches and comes with a small cabinet that measures 12 x 20 x 30 inches. It comes along with two mirrors with the following measurements;20 x 27.6 inches. Also, it has two glass vessel sink measuring 16.5 x 16.5 x 5.125 inches. It’s effortless to assemble:
It comes with the following specifications, just in case you are about to buy it.
It’s made from MDF and has colossal storage cabinets as well as a small cabinet. It comes along with two mirrors and two vanity cabinets. The item weighs approximately 88 pounds.

9. BATHJOY 60″ White Double Bathroom Vanities Cabinets and Square Ceramic Vessel Sinks

white Double bathroom vanity
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It’s made up of double MDF with PVC ceramic sink as well as faucet combined with 0.6 drain thickness. It measures 60.6 by 21.3 by 29.5 inches. Its ceramic sink comes with the following measurements 16.5 x 4.7, and its mirror measures 21.7 x 29.5 inches. It comes with ample storage space.
The vanity comes with two mirrors, a round ceramic sink bowl, and two vanity cabinets. Also, a tempered glass countertop is part of the package plus two Chrome pop-up drains and finally two chrome faucets.

8. Elizabeth 60-Inch Double Bathroom Vanities, White Cabinet and White Ceramic Sinks (Carrara/White)

Double Bathroom Vanity
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It is a high-end vanity made whole of solid wood and plywood. It comes with a countertop made of authentic Carrara marble imported from Italy. Its doors use soft-close mechanisms, a feature typically found in very high-end luxury brands. The product measures 35 x 60 23 inches and weighs approximately 360 pounds. It’s white.

7. Eclife 60″ Double Sink Vanities, Combo Black Modern Stand Pedestal W/Square White Ceramic Vessel Sink

Eclife 60" Double Sink Vanities
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This vanity measures approximately 24 L x 20 W x 32 H, and the small MDF bathroom vanity combo measures about 16.25 * 16.25 *4.75. The sink is a vessel ceramic-made, and white means 20 inches by 27.6 inches. The mirror measures about 12 inches *20 inches.
This vanity has the following features;
It’s stylish, and its richly modern design fits perfectly with small bathrooms. It has top storage coated in a glossy black finish. It’s eco-friendly and extremely easy to assemble. Humidity and corrosion, cleaning, and wear-resistant have been made possible by the use of MDF.
The sink also has its features;
First, it’s straightforward to install. Also, it’s very modern, elegant, and stylish. Its durability is very high when combined with brass chrome faucets, and the glossy surface makes it easy to clean.
When planning to purchase such an item, look for the following specifications;
The vanity material must be MDF, the material has to be ceramic, and the shape is rectangular. It comes with 12 inches high faucet and a 1.5 GPM. Mostly it’s black.

6. Vanity Art 72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanities, Super White Phoenix Stone Top Soft Closing Doors Under-Mount Rectangle

Vanity Art 72 Inch Double Sink Bathroom
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It’s easy to assemble, with a perfectly elegant modern design and a phoenix stone countertop. It measures 72 inches by 22 inches by 36 inches. It has four doors and two shelves with adjustable hinges. The cabinet door is soft closing with two drawers jointed and two mirrors measuring 23 inches * 27.5 inches. This vanity comes along with a countertop, cabinet, backsplash, two sinks, and a matching mirror.  The most notable features of this vanity are as follows; it’s moisture-proof and environment friendly. It’s straightforward to install. Also, it comes with soft-closing doors and stainless steel handles. It has vast storage space for faucets, baskets, and towels.
The following are some of its specifications;
It measures approximately 72 x 22 x 36 inches for the cabinet and 23 x 27.5 inches for the mirror. Its frames are made of Oak and plywood. It’s rectangular and comes with only one cabinet and finally an expresso finish. It weighs approximately 263 pounds.

5. 48″ Double Sink Bathroom Vanities Cabinet Combo Glass Marble, op Grey Paint Wood w/Faucet, Mirror&Drain Set

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Its main door cabinet measures 18.4 * 24 * 30 inches without a sink, and the sink itself measures 16.5 * 5.5 (L x W X H) inches. It is made up of a solid wood structure in combination with a real marble counter and stainless steel hardware.
The item comes along with two solid wood vanity cabinets and two marble countertops as well as two ceramic sinks plus a faucet set. It weighs approximately 190 pounds, and it’s a product of Homecart.

4. CeraStyle 080500-U-Two Hole Pinto Rectangular Ceramic Double Sink Vanities, Wall Mounted/Vessel Bathroom Sink, White

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This product is made by CeraStyle and weighs approximately 53.4 lbs. It originates from Turkey and comes in the color white. It measures 18.2 inches in length by 40 inches in width by 0.01 inches in height. The item weighs approximately 53.8 pounds, and the whole product dimension measures 18.2 x 40 x 0.5 inches. It’s rectangular, and the material used to make this item is ceramic sinks. The method of installation is straightforward as it’s mounted on a wall or as a vessel. It has two holes.

3. Casa Mare 63″ Glossy White Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo with LED Mirror (Benna)

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It’s a stylish modern elegant piece of interior décor for your bathroom. It’s effortless to clean due to its high-quality acrylic, as well as its solid surface. It does not include the side cabinet but can be added. It’s very economically friendly with its MDF material, which is 18mm thick. Comes already constructed hence no assembly on the purchase just very minimum installation. The glossy white three stylish doors bathroom cabinet provides excess room for storage. Its main cabinet measures 62.99 x 18.90 x 33.46 inches.  The Benna sink measures 62.99 in length by 18.90 in width. And its magnificent mirror measures 62.99″ L x 27.56″ W. It comes with perfectly fitting soft-closing drawers that match the double rectangular sink.
This item is made in Turkey; its doors are made of the highest quality MDF. Its metallic door handles are homemade. It offers a free-standing view and a single whole faucet opening. The item comes in three different color varieties, glossy white, glossy grey, and finally matte walnut. The product weighs approximately 251 pounds and it’s manufactured in Turkey by Casa Mare

2. 48″ Double Sink Vanities Combo Glass, Top Grey Paint MDF Wood w/Faucet, Mirror&Drain Set

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The main cabinet measures approximately 18.4*24*30 inches, while its sink measures 16.5*5.5 inches (L x W X H); the sink has a thickness of 0.5 inches. The faucet is approximately 12 inches high. Its 1.5 GPM faucet prevents water from splashing hence saving water. The product’s environmentally friendly MDF is durable and oil-painted to make it stable and waterproof as well. It comes with different designs of vanity cabinets as well as a vessel sink, and a vanity mirror and is painted elegantly grey on its surface. It also comes along with a 304 damper-reinforced stainless hinge to increase its fatigue.
The product comes along with two main cabinets, two mirrors as well as two vessel sinks. Also, it includes two Chrome Faucets, and two Chrome Pop-Up drains too. The whole product dimension measures 18.4 x 48 x 35 inches. It weighs approximately 179 pounds and is a product of the Homecart brand.

1. Homecart 72″ Double Sink Bathroom Vanities Cabinet combo, Top White Wood w/ 2 Basin Faucets Mirrors and Drains

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It is a product of Homecart and is sometimes referred to as Homecart 72. It’s an elegant, simple bathroom contemporary. It comes with the main cabinet measuring 19*24*29 inches, and the side cabinet measuring about 12*19*26.8 inches. Its sink size measures approximately 16.5* 5.5(LxWxH). And finally, the faucet is about 12 inches high. The faucet is 1.5 GPM, and it’s perfect for saving water and splashing as well. Also, it comes along with a 304-quality steel hinge fitted with a damper. Its MDF wood benefits include being wearing-resistant, anti-corrosion, very easy to clean, and moisture-proof. And do not forget it’s environmentally friendly.
This product comes along with two main cabinets, two mirrors, and two sink basins as well, two chrome faucets and two chrome pop-up drains, and lastly, two side cabinets. The product was around 290 pounds and it’s white.

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